Global Nickel Manufacturing Leaders and Their Broad Product Range

Nickel Market: Definition

The versatile metallic component nickel is widely used in the creation of alloys, coinage, and stainless steel. Due to its strong characteristics, such as its resistance to oxidation and ability to withstand high temperatures, nickel is used extensively in the production of electrical devices, industrial machinery, and aircraft parts. Also, current information from the global nickel market procurement study by ELINT Market Research shows the worldwide production in 2023 evaluated at 3.253 million metric tons, while the demand was calculated at 3.183 million metric tons in the same year.

Nickel Market: Growth Driving Factors

One of the main reasons for nickel’s demand is its extensive usage in many different industrial applications, including chemical operations, electronic devices, and aircraft. Also, the growing demand for nickel occurred due to the development of various advances in technology and global industrialization.

Nickel Market: Challenge

Interruptions in the supply chain pose a serious threat to the nickel market, affecting demand in several ways. The nickel industry is heavily reliant on an intricate worldwide supply chain that encompasses mining, interpreting, manufacturing, and shipping.

Nickel Market: Opportunity

The crucial role that nickel plays in the sustainable energy industry is in the production of nickel-based batteries for the storage of renewable energy. Thus, as the world moves toward green power, there will be plenty of opportunities for the nickel market.

Nickel Market: Leading Regions

The global nickel procurement market in North America is expected to increase at a faster rate due to the increasing demand for electric cars (EVs) and renewable power applications.

Nickel Market: Key Manufacturers

1. Vale

Established in 1942 and based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Vale is the world’s largest producer of nickel and iron ore. It creates a wide variety of goods that cater to the various demands of nickel users.

2. Jinchuan Group

The main activities of Jinchuan Group include mining, grinding, smelting, and chemical production. It is a diversified mining business with a significant global presence. It was founded in 2001 and has its main office in Hong Kong.

3. Norilsk Nickel

Norilsk Nickel founded in 1993, also known as Nornickel, is a Russian mining and melting corporation focused on nickel and palladium. The firm’s headquarters are located in Moscow, Russia. The organization conducts mining operations throughout five nations and three continents, where it investigates collects, and improves nonmetallic minerals and ore.

4. BHP Group

With its headquarters located in Melbourne, Australia, BHP is a publicly traded international mining and metals corporation. The company was established on July 16, 1885, and uses its resources to manufacture critical commodities such as iron ore, metallurgical coal, copper, and nickel. It is also expanding into the potash market.

5. Glencore

Established in 1974, Glencore is a worldwide mining and commodity exchange business based in Switzerland with its main office located in Baar. The company’s marketing division handles ferronickel, concentrates, and catalysts in addition to nickel as a metal.

6. South32

South32 is a mining and metals corporation based in Perth, Western Australia. The company was established in 2015 and is involved in the production of nickel, copper, magnesium, gold, silver, cadmium, manganese, alumina, aluminum, thermal coal, apatite, and zinc.


French international mining and metallurgical corporation Eramet is traded under the ticker code ERA on the Euronext Paris platform. The company was established in 1880, and executes mining and extraction moves for manganese, steel alloys, and nickel.

8. Terrafame

Terrafame was formed in 2015 and concentrates on using ecologically friendly bioleaching technology for its mining operations. The company can manufacture about a million electric cars’ worth of nickel sulfate annually. One of the lowest carbon footprints in the sector is exhibited by Terrafame’s nickel sulfate production.

9. IGO Limited

IGO Limited produces all kinds of nickel. It is an Australian company created in 2000 with its headquarters in Sydney and comes from the Nova nickel-copper-cobalt project in Western Australia. It concentrated on identifying, creating, and managing top-notch assets centered on goods essential to enable renewable energy.

10. Anglo American

Established in 1917, Anglo-American is a global mining business based in Britain that has its head office in London, England. It is a significant producer of diamonds, copper, nickel, iron ores, polyhalite, and coal; also, it is the world’s greatest generator of platinum, accounting for around 40% of global production.


Nowadays, recycling programs increasingly address sustainability issues and promote circular economic benefits, which offers nickel market participants promising options. This ongoing need is expected to last as long as major corporations invest in expensive infrastructure projects, demonstrating nickel’s crucial role in addressing the demands of modern building and development.

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