How Top Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) Manufacturers are Driving Industry Innovation?

Printed Circuit Boards Market: Definition

Printed circuit boards are the building blocks of electronic devices, giving mechanical and electrical communication support. The substantial $64.1 billion global market size for printed circuit boards in 2022 is highlighted in ELINT Market Research’s comprehensive procurement intelligence analysis report. Additionally, the analysis forecasted a 4-6% compound annual growth rate and a $74.2 billion market size for this industry by 2025.

Printed Circuit Boards Market: Growth Driving Factors

Printed circuit boards are crucial to the production of electronic devices as they enable the connecting and efficient operation of electronic components. Also, PCBs help in many different products, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, healthcare devices, automobile electronics, etc which drive the printed circuit boards market.

Printed Circuit Boards Market: Challenge

One of the main factors impeding the PCB market’s expansion is the industry’s fluctuating raw material expenses. Thus, PCB makers are required to make many significant adjustments to expand their manufacturing capabilities.

Printed Circuit Boards Market: Opportunity

There is a trend in the printed circuit board market toward rigid-flex and flexible PCBs, which allows for the creation of creative and compact designs for a range of uses. This aspect drives key opportunities in the market.

Printed Circuit Boards Market: Leading Regions

North America leads the global printed circuit boards procurement intelligence market because of the region’s booming electronic goods industry, growing adoption of IoT-based software, and growing use in the automobile sector.

Printed Circuit Boards Market: Key Manufacturers

1. AT&S

AT&S manufactures advanced-level printed circuit boards and semiconductor materials. The Vienna Stock Exchange lists the organization. It was established in Austria in 1987. Additionally, its printed circuit boards including IC substrate boards serve the communications, manufacturing, automobiles, and medical sectors.


A cutting-edge PCB source manufacturer producer in China is known as PCBONLINE. It provides one-stop PCB manufacturing and assembly solutions for middle-class and elite industries. Its attributes include cutting-edge PCB offerings, quick delivery, individual engineering help, superior quality, low cost, and modern PCB creation.

3. TTM Technologies Inc.

Established in 1978 in California, TTM Technologies Inc. is the global leader in the design, manufacture, and assembly of circuit boards. A wide range of locations, including vehicles, hospitals, and spacecraft, purchase PCB goods from this supplier.

4. Tripod Technology Corp.

Founded in Taiwan in 1990, Tripod Technology Corp. is an excellent registered firm that excels at creating dual-sided and multilayer PCBs. The automobile, electronics for consumers, and telecoms sectors make use of their offerings.

5. Zhen Ding Technology

The Zhen Ding Technology company was founded in Taiwan in 2016 and focuses primarily on the design, evolution, production, and marketing of printed circuit boards. Sturdy PCB, stretchy PCB, HDI, and IC layer boards are among its key PCB product offerings.

6. NOK Corporation

Founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1939, NOK Corporation is a recognized business that specializes in manufacturing flexible printed circuit boards. Its specialty is automotive, game, and healthcare applications; also, elastic circuit boards are its primary PCB offering.

7. Advanced Circuits, Inc.

Located in Colorado, United States, Advanced Circuits, Inc. was established in 1989 and offers solutions for printed circuit board construction and fabrication. It provides printed circuit board (PCB) architecture, installation, examination, and prototyping in addition to other electrical products and services.

8. Cisel S.R.L.

Cisel S.R.L. is a well-known Italian business that specializes in the manufacturing and processing of advanced circuit boards. Being a European PCB manufacturer, it places a strong emphasis on environmental safety responsibility in addition to manufacturing rigid-flex, adaptable, and one-sided PCBs.

9. DAEDUCK Electronics Co. Ltd.

The first firm in Korea to make printed circuit boards is DAEDUCK. It was founded in 1972 and is an expert in printed circuit boards for semiconductors. Additionally, the business creates customized electronic circuit boards for a range of markets, including hard drive connection panels.

10. Sunstone Circuits

In 1972, Sunstone Circuits was established as Electronic Controls Design. In the electrical design sector, it is the recognized pioneer in offering cutting-edge and dependable printed circuit board (PCB) solutions.


The leaders operating in the printed circuit board market that are covered in this blog concentrate on growing their manufacturing sites, R&D expenditures, infrastructure expansion, and taking advantage of integration opportunities throughout the supply chain.

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