Zippers - Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Procurement Market Intelligence Report

Zippers – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Zippers Market – Executive Summary, Market Overview, Supply Market Outlook, COVID Impact, Innovations & Sustainability, Market Monitoring Insights, Procurement Best Practices, RFP Builder

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Global Zipper Market Outlook
1.2. Supply Market Outlook
1.3. Demand Market Outlook
1.4. ELINT’s Recommendations for an Ideal Category Strategy
1.5. Category Opportunities & Risks – Zippers
1.6. Negotiation Leverage
1.7. Talking Points – Zippers
1.8. Category Summary – COVID-19 Impact
2. Market Overview
2.1. Market Overview
2.2. Regional Market Outlook
2.3. Global Zippers Drivers and Constraints
2.4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
2.5. Major Importers for Zippers: Global
2.6. Major Exporters for Zippers: Global
3. Supply Market Outlook
3.1. Supply Market Outlook- Supply Trends and Insights
3.2. Global Suppliers
3.3. Regional Suppliers
3.4. Key Supplier Profiles
3.5. List of Distributors
3.6. Supplier In-house vs Outsource Capabilities
3.7. Key Suppliers Capability Comparison
4. COVID Impact
4.1. COVID-19 Impact – Supplier Watch
4.2. COVID-19 Impact – Industry WATCH
5. Innovations & Sustainability
5.1. Key Innovations
5.2. Sustainability Initiatives
6. Market Monitoring Insights
6.1. Cost Structure Analysis
6.2. Key Insights: Comparison between YKK and Non-YKK Zippers
7. Procurement Best Practices
7.1. Sourcing Best Practices
7.2. Supply Chain: Zippers
8. RFP Builder
8.1. RFP Builder

FAQs Related to the Zippers Market:

  1. Which material leads the global zippers market?

Zippers that are manufactured from metal material lead the global market.


  1. Which are major zippers exporting countries?

Key exporting countries include China, Japan, and Hong Kong.


  1. Which is the largest consumer sector of zippers?

The apparel or clothing sector accounted for the biggest consumer of zippers.


Zippers Market Global Size:

ELINT Market Research projected that the global zippers market would grow substantially on a global scale and reach a $21.38 billion size by 2026 at a CAGR of 4 percent. Widespread industry transformation has fueled the garment sector, which is a major driver of the global zipper market’s expansion since zippers operate as a crucial closing tool while tying the ends of clothes and bags. Thus, ELINT’s procurement intelligence insights report calculated an $18.21 billion valuation in 2022. Moreover, a few other factors fueling the development of the zipper industry are an increase in people’s disposable incomes, spending on branded clothes, a rise in tourism activities, elevated usage of footwear goods, and more.


Additionally, the study illustrates that Vietnam, China, and Hong Kong emerged as the major importing countries in the zipper market. These three nations are also counted as the biggest manufacturers of zippers. However, they still import products for diverse reasons including fulfilling massive output for export and regional consumption, luxurious fashion and clothing markets that demand superior closures, encouraging the wide variety of clothes designers and manufacturers, and more. On the flip side, fundamental provinces that hold large export ratios in the zippers market include China, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Market Definition:

The zipper operates as the key component that helps open and close areas of different products flexibly such as clothes, luggage, bags, sporting goods, shoes, packaging of goods, and camping gear. Zippers are available in three key materials in the market including metal, nylon, and plastic which primarily assist in linking the two ends of materials. In comparison to other fastener tools like hooks, buttons, etc., zippers are vastly used and convenient fasters in the international market.

Zippers Market Drivers:

  1. Demands in Clothes and Fashion Industry –

The clothing and fashion industry holds the largest shares in the global zippers market which mainly helps join the edges of different types of clothes like jeans, shirts, jackets, dresses, coats, sweaters, skirts, cardigans, etc. This factor caused massive growth in the zipper sector. Also, the fashion industry employs zippers to produce stylish and high-quality clothing goods and attract consumers.


  1. Rise of Bags and Luggage Sector –

Besides the clothes sector, zippers are also vastly employed by manufacturing companies operating in the bags and luggage industry. Zippers make opening and closing activities of bags so much easier. Also, after integrating zippers travel or daily-use bags become stylish, durable, and secure. Moreover,  the increasing prevalence of leisure and outdoor activities among people fuels the demand for specialty backpacks that need powerful zippers.

Zippers Market Challenges:

  1. Higher Costs of Chain Teeth Zippers –

The chain teeth are easier to move and come off than other types of zippers which are also expensive due to the increased cost of raw materials.


  1. Alternavies of Zippers –

The availability of other fastener alternatives like buttons, hooks, velcro, and magnetic closures poses significant challenges in the global zipper procurement market.

Zippers Market Opportunities:

  1. Introduction of Coil Zipper –

Coil zippers mainly assist in sports products, camping gear, luggage, and bags and create major opportunities in the zippers market.


  1. Sustainable Zippers –

People’s demands for sustainable fashion goods drove opportunities for global zippers that can be made with organic materials.

Zippers Market Segmentation:

  1. Key End User Industries –

The biggest end-user industries of zippers that possess notable shares in the market include apparel or clothing at 40%, automotive at 13%, and luggage at 10%.


  1. Types of Materials –

Metal, nylon, and plastic are three fundamental materials types to build zippers, among which metal zippers are widely used and hold the largest segment.

Key Growth Drivers for the Zippers Market:

Transition in living and lifestyle standards of people is a foremost growth driver for the global zippers market. Further, manufacturing companies initiated multiple innovations in zipper goods and demands from other sectors besides clothing like bags, sports goods, luggage, shoes, automobiles, etc are also key factors that drive development in the zipper market.

Key Trends in the Zippers Market:

A few major trends occurred in the global zippers procurement intelligence market that are contributing to the growth dynamics including manufacturing shift towards Southeast Asian countries, introduction of East African regions as probable sourcing places for apparel, rise in the use of zippers in other sectors such as automobile and packaging, and need for plastic zippers instead of metallic zippers.

Engagement Strategy and Impactful Cost Component in the Zippers Market:

Global and regional zipper manufacturers both have emerged in the market which fulfills international and local demands for zippers. Thus, it is a vital engagement method that helps make a robust supply chain. Furthermore, fundamental and impactful cost components in the zipper market that hold substantial stakes and can influence price dynamics include raw materials and labor prices along with wages and benefits at nearly 80-90% shares.

Key Suppliers in the Zippers Market:

Primary suppliers of the zipper industry include YKK Group, Coats Industrial, Jiaxing Fengchuan Zipper,  SBS International Development Ltd., Jiaxing Fengchuan Zipper​, Neo Zipper​, Jiangsu Hongda Zipper​, Hang Sang Zipper Co. Ltd.​, Jiangsu Shengye (YSS)​, Shanghai East Dragon (YCC Zipper)​, IDEAL Fastener Corporation​, Ningbo Sinobest Textile Company Limited​, CMZ Zipper (Wuxi) Co. Ltd.​, M/S Fastek Zippers India Pvt Ltd​​, Yili Zipper​, HHH Zipper​, Tex Zippers Ltd.​, Ningbo Haishu Hongma Industry Co., Ltd.​, Nawab Zippers​, Ningbo Bestex Textile Company Limited​, Max Zipper Co., Ltd, Talon Zippers​, J.N. Zippers & Supplies Corp​, Zippersource INC.​, Lenzip​, UCAN Zippers​, Dunlap Industries Inc.​, S&J USA Inc.​, Ditta Giovanni Lanfranchi S.p.A.​, Neto Zipper Co.​, Zipper Group​, TIT Zippers​, EMR Fermuar Tekstil ve Aksesuar,​ Cremalleras Rubi​,


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