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Procurement Market Intelligence Report

Caps and Closures – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Caps and Closures Market – Executive Summary, Market Analysis, Industry Analysis, Sustainability Initiatives in Injection Molded Caps Category, COVID-19, Supply Base Analysis

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Category Snapshot
1.2. Global Market Outlook
1.3. Global Market Demand
1.4. Regional Demand Overview
1.5. Key Trends and Innovations
2. Market Analysis
2.1. Global Market Size
2.2. Regional Market Overview
2.3. Global Demand by Application
2.4. Global Trade Dynamics
2.4.1. Global Exports
2.4.2. Global Imports
2.5. Regional Market Analysis
2.6. Regional Market Snapshot, Outlook and Trade Dynamics:
2.6.1. North America
2.6.2. EU
2.6.3. APAC
2.6.4. LATAM
3. Industry Analysis
3.1. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of Developed and Emerging Markets
3.1.1. Plastic Caps and Closures
3.1.2. Metal Caps and Closures
3.2. Industry Drivers and Constraints
3.3. Key Industry Trends
3.3.1. Plastic Caps and Closures
3.3.2. Metal Caps and Closures
3.4. Innovations in Closures
3.4.1. Personal and Home Care
3.4.2. Food and Beverage
3.4.3. Pharmaceuticals
3.5. Market Monitoring Insights Report
3.5.1. Plastic Caps and Closures
3.5.2. Metal Caps and Closures
4. Sustainability Initiatives in Injection Molded Caps Category
4.1. Key Sustainability Trends
4.2. Avenues for Sustainability in Injection Molded Packaging
4.3. Raw Material Trends
4.4. Best Practices
5. COVID-19
5.1. Impact of COVID-19 on Caps and Closures Industry
5.2. Summary: Industry-Level Impact
5.3. COVID-19 Impact: Sourcing Location WATCH
5.4. COVID-19 Impact: Supplier Watch
6. Supply Base Analysis
6.1. Key Global Caps and Closures Suppliers
6.2. Key Regional Caps and Closures Suppliers
6.3. Key Global Supplier Profiles
6.4. Industry Best Practices
6.5. Negotiation Support Levers
6.6. Purchasing Process: RFP/RFI Builder
6.7. Negotiation Levers

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