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Why ELINT’s Procurement Intelligence Market Research Report?


We want enterprises to be aware of external impacts and help them understand the actions they can take to reduce and mitigate the risk through our procurement intelligence. ELINT is a team of brilliant analysts, Researchers, Industry experts which serves procurement teams of all categories. We extend our services specifically to procurement practitioners and procurement’s departments across the globe. Our analyst’s strength reflects Supply market intelligence, Spend Analysis and bench-marking , Category management, Supply chain risk management, and not limited to.

Our Procurement Intelligence reports help market players to be aware of agro commodities and ingredients, logistics and transportation, capex and MRO, chemicals, corporate services, drug development and manufacturing, energy & utilities, engineering and construction, HR services, Industrial manufacturing and durables, IT software and services, Lab equipment and consumables, lubricants, facilities management, marketing services, IT hardware and telecom, metals, minerals and mining, oil and fats, oil and gas, packaging, pharma R&D, Professional services and travel and Stay ahead of the competition to drive sustainable expansion in their  business.

What is a procurement market research report?

Procurement market research is somewhat different from usual market research, as general market research for any category comprises gathering information only for the purpose of understanding the past and latest trends. However, procurement-based evaluation involves specific kinds of research, which focuses on collecting and exploring information, concerning the procurement activities of products and services of any business.

The primary goal of procurement analysis is to gain knowledge about suppliers, goods, services, and market dynamics, which aids organizations in making well-informed decisions during the procurement cycle. Consequently, executing this statistical study is an essential stage for any organization, as they can get significant opportunities such as optimizing their purchasing patterns, lowering expenses, preventing losses, and in the end ensuring that they receive quality products or services.

What is the process of researching global data for procurement market reports?

As procurement market intelligence professionals, it is our one of crucial responsibilities to provide accurate and up-to-date reports to our consumers, and we make sure that this obligation is fulfilled. ELINT Market Research has a team of expert analysts, researchers, and industry experts who employ multiple reputable and reliable sources to gather global data.

These prominent sources include industry reports, public surveys, company reviews, product representations from distinct suppliers in the target market, competitors’ pricing, RFI (request for information) from distributors, and much more. Moreover, to collect consumer-specific data, we mostly perform individual surveys to understand their requirements, choices, and buying patterns.

What ELINT Market Research Report Does?

Sourcing Best Practices

Competitive strategy

Best Cost and Low Cost Country Analysis

Contract Clauses and Pitfalls

Key SLAs and KPIs

Supplier Rationalization

Sourcing Models

Engagement strategy and Negotiation support

Market analysis

Future Trends to Improve Competitiveness

Technology Roadmap

Industry Analysis

Opportunity Analysis

Innovation Tracking

Buyer attractiveness

Day one Analysis

Supplier Analysis

Vendor identification by service

Vendor segmentation

Service Product building

Vendor Evaluation framework

Vendor comparison

RFP support

Financial Risk Analysis

Price Benchmarking

Price benchmarking by SKU/Part Number

Pricing Model recommendation

Periodic community dashboard

Cost drivers and impact

TCO analysis

Billing rates by country and job role


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