Core Labs - Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Procurement Market Intelligence Report

Core Labs – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Core Labs Market – Executive Summary, COVID-19 Update, Market Overview, Cost Break up and Cost Drivers, Market Monitoring Insights, Supplier Section, Purchasing Process: RFP/RFI Builder, Sustainability

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Executive Summary
1.2. Supply Market Outlook
1.3. Demand Market Outlook
1.4. ELINT’s Recommendations for an Ideal Category Strategy
1.5. Category Opportunities & Risks
1.6. Negotiation Leverage
1.7. Talking Points: Core Lab
2. COVID-19 Update
2.1. Impact of COVID-19 on Core Lab
2.2. Category Summary: COVID-19 Impact
2.3. COVID-19 Impact: Industry Watch
2.4. COVID-19 Impact: Sourcing Location Watch
2.5. COVID-19 Impact: Supplier Watch
3. Market Overview
3.1. Market Size and Growth forecast
3.2. Drivers and Constraints
3.3. Outsourcing Adoption Rates
3.4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
3.5. Market Trends
3.6. Technology & Innovation Trends
3.7. Regional Overview: Australia
4. Cost Break up and Cost Drivers
4.1. Cost Break up and Cost Drivers
5. Market Monitoring Insights
5.1. Billing Rates: Overview
5.2. Core Lab Billing Rates
5.3. Billing Rates: Methodology
5.4. Factors Influencing Core Lab Billing Rates
6. Supplier Section
6.1. Eurofins
6.2. ThermoFisher Scientific
6.3. Labcorp
6.4. Syneos Health
7. Purchasing Process: RFP/RFI Builder
7.1. RFP Builder
8. Sustainability
8.1. Sustainability in core labs

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