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Digital Marketing Services – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Digital Marketing Services Market – Executive Summary, Market Analysis, Procurement Best Practices, Talking Points to Business, Market Monitoring Insights, Agency Billing Rates, Supplier Section, End user Industry & RFP

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Executive summary
1.2. Supply market outlook
1.3. Demand market outlook
1.4. Beroe’s Recommendation
1.5. CORA
1.6. Impact of COVID-19
2. Market Analysis
2.1. Global Digital Marketing Maturity and Industry Trends
2.2. Global Drivers and Constraints
2.3. Regional Market outlook
2.4. Industry Outlook
2.5. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
2.6. Supply Trends and Insights
2.7. Digital Creative Agency: Selection Criteria Parameters
3. Procurement Best Practices
3.1. Sourcing Models
3.2. Pricing Models
3.3. Engagement with Digital Agency
3.4. KPI and SLA Components
3.5. Digital Channel-specific KPI
3.6. Digital Media Briefing Template – RFP/RFIs
3.7. Analytics in Digital Marketing Campaigns
3.8. Measuring the Effectiveness
4. Talking Points to Business
4.1. Talking Points to Business
5. Market Monitoring Insights
5.1. Cost structure
5.2. Cost saving opportunities
6. Agency Billing Rates
6.1. Billing Rates
6.2. Billing Rates Methodology
6.3. Factors influencing
7. Supplier Section
7.1. Supplier list-Regional
7.2. Supplier profiles
7.3. SWOT Analysis
8. End user Industry & RFP
8.1. Retail Industry
8.2. Pharmaceutical Industry
8.3. Financial Services
8.4. RFP/RFI Questionnaire

What is the projected valuation of the global digital marketing services market?


ELINT Market Research forecasted the market to value up to $420 billion to $470 billion by 2023, with a 13–15% CAGR.


What makes ELINT’s digital marketing services procurement market research report stand out?


An ELINT report is far beyond figures; it carries a complete market trend and industry dynamism analysis. It can be a strategic compass for business, depicting depth in insights and examples to help decision-makers navigate this domain’s complexities.


Which regions currently dominate the digital marketing services market?


ELINT research states that the most significant share lies in North America, at 20%, due to the advanced digital infrastructure in this region. European Union (EU) follows it with a 15% share respectively. Economic growth across the Asia Pacific and its widespread adoption coupled with Internet development are forerunning a significant upswing of the digital technology wave in the region.


Digital Marketing Services Market 

For the digital marketing services market landscape, statistics and examples in ELINT’s digital marketing services procurement research report make a convincing portrayal of a dynamic industry. The potential within the digital marketing services sector signals a remarkable growth opportunity; by 2023, the global market is expected to reach around $420–470 billion. The forecasted CAGR of 13-15% is another sign of a general upward trend within the digital marketing services sector. Integrating advanced technologies such as AI and data analytics has brought significant efficiency and effectiveness into digital marketing campaigns, which have seen the overall industry grow. Besides, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to online channels to influence more companies to spare additional efforts toward digital marketing.

One notable example of this optimism is the strategic decision taken by Mastercard to introduce an initiative targeting small businesses for digital acceleration recently. Launching microsites at all its Asia Pacific websites presents a commitment to empowerment through digitization. As Mastercard positions to help businesses enable digital transformation, this bodes well not just for the company’s forward strategy but is also a testimony to the robust future that the digital marketing services market promises to deliver. 


Market Definition

Digital marketing services mean an integral combination of methods and tactics applied through digital channels, from enhancing product and service promotion. It covers using the Internet, social media platforms, search engines, and email to reach out and connect with their audience on the respective channels. The main goal is increasing brand visibility, traffic to the website, generation of new leads, and, in the long run, sales.


Digital Marketing Services Market Drivers

  1. Data-Driven Decision Making: With so much data being available, it is easy for marketers to be well-informed while making decisions. Data analytics and insights further allow not just fine-tuning the strategies but also optimizing campaigns and ensuring better returns on investment. 


  1. Global Connectivity: A connecting global market allows businesses to expand beyond geographical boundaries. In addition, arms are lent in the form of digital marketing services to expand companies’ businesses into international campaigns.


Digital Marketing Services Market Challenges

  1. Privacy Concerns: The growing emphasis on data privacy emerges as one of the significant challenges for the digital marketing domain. Tight regulations and growing consumer consciousness involve ethical data handling practices, thus delineating the new framework of the digital marketing service.


  1. Algorithm Updates: This is a complex landscape, and the platforms always tend to update their algorithms. Digital marketing services should be responsive and respective to these changes to keep delivering positive customer acquisition and business results.


Digital Marketing Services Market Opportunities

  1. E-commerce growth: With more businesses moving to online platforms, it is natural that there will be requirements for a digital marketing strategy to boost online presence, drive traffic, and, ultimately, sales.


  1. Rising Video Popularity: As digital marketing is on the rise, with the increment of video content consumption, innovative new digital marketing strategies come. 


Digital Marketing Services Market Segmentation

  1. Channel-based segmentation: The research report divides the market based on channels into social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and email marketing. 


  1. Industry Verticals: The research report classifies the market based on the industry verticals into retail, finance, healthcare, and technology. 


  1. Service Type: The research report categorizes the market through services such as digital advertising, social media management, analytics and data insight, and influencer marketing. 


Regional Outlook of the Digital Marketing Services Market 

Factors influencing the trends in the digital marketing services market and the state of the supply chain are impactful. Presently, North America leads the supply market for digital marketing services with a handsome market share of 20%. Here is what makes North America a leading center in digital marketing services: crucial and developed digital infrastructure and market ecology. On the other hand, the European Union (EU) shares an unbelievable 15% of the market, which is evidence of how determined the region is to move digitally and the tricks to use in marketing.

The research projects rising digital marketing services in the Asia Pacific. A rising economic growth rate, Internet penetration, and digital technology adoption are other factors fueling the demand for creative marketing solutions. Bharti Airtel announced a strategic alliance with IBM to expand the digital services canvas. With this partnership, there will be 120 data centers in 20 locations in India under the network that will fuel the company’s international ties and touch a mark for this industry. That initiative rests on Airtel’s edge computing platform, targeting big enterprises, especially from the automotive and industry verticals. 


Impactful Cost Component in the Digital Marketing Services Market

Salaries and benefits, making up labor costs, represent one of the critical cost factors of digital marketing services. As a fair proportion, it constitutes 45-52% of the total cost in recent industry data. Navigations around the complexities of the market in digital marketing services using a multimodal strategy include agency development, agency optimization, process standardization, performance-based pricing, in-house teams, and social selling tactics.


Pricing Models in the Digital Marketing Services Market

Two pricing models are leading in the market: Retainer Plus PBR (Performance-Based Retainer) and Retainer Plus Project-Based. “Retainer Plus” PBR model is a dynamic approach tying compensation to the achieved performance metrics, assuring that both the client and the service provider will be winners. The Retainer Plus Project-Based model, on the other hand, integrates the stability of a retainer with project-based billing flexibility, offering clients tailored solutions but still within a predictable cost structure. 


Engagement Strategies of the Digital Marketing Services Market

One of the quite exciting trends in the market for digital marketing services is the advent of lead digital agencies, or agencies of record, that Fortune 500 buyers prefer. With conglomerates’ newly discovered strategic shift towards consolidated partnerships, there has been a rising preference for significant corporations to rely on one agency for their end-to-end digital marketing requirement. Two major driving factors for this trend are cohesive and integrated campaigns in sync with overall corporate strategies. 


Negotiation Factors in the Digital Marketing Services Market

Negotiations in the market are a careful balancing exercise of some essential factors that critically affect the accomplishment of partnerships. The critical aspects of negotiation are pricing structures, scope of services, performance metrics, contractual terms, and data security protocols. Businesses need to focus on maximizing their digital marketing investment. In the digital age, this involves negotiations between parties to ensure the best deal is struck yet in tune with strategic objectives.


Global Leaders in the Digital Marketing Services Market   

Some of the most active participants in the digital marketing services market are R/GA, Grey Advertising, Mediacom, Grey, Ogilvy, JWT, Dentsu, Iris Worldwide, McCann Worldwide, TBWA, VMLY&R, Digitas, Reprise Digital, Big Group, Traffic Digital, FCB Digital, Resultics, JellyFish. It is a super consortium of global leaders that will shape the market’s future by influencing and creating the trends that become new paradigms for industry excellence.

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