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Electrical Design & Engineering – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Electrical Design & Engineering Market – Executive Summary, Global Market Analysis, Regional Market Analysis, Procurement Best Practices, Sustainability Initiatives, Market Monitoring Insights, Supplier Analysis, RFP Builder, Covid Impact

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Global EE Services Outlook
1.2. Global Supply–Demand Trends
1.3. Recommendations for an ideal Category Strategy
1.4. Category Opportunities & Risks
1.5. COVID-19: Impact on EE Services
1.6. Talking Points to Business
2. Global Market Analysis
2.1. Global Outlook
2.2. Technology Trends
2.3. Sustainability Trends
3. Regional Market Analysis
3.1. North America
3.2. Latin America
3.3. Europe
3.4. Asia Pacific
4. Procurement Best Practices
4.1. Procurement Best Practices
4.2. Sourcing Models
4.3. Pricing Models
4.4. Contract Model and Length
4.5. KPIs & SLAs
4.6. Case Studies
5. Sustainability Initiatives
5.1. Cost Structure
5.2. Cost Analysis and Expected Savings
5.3. Billing Rates
6. Market Monitoring Insights
6.1. Cost Structure
6.2. Cost Analysis and Expected Savings
6.3. Billing Rates
7. Supplier Analysis
7.1. Key Suppliers – Global and Regional
7.2. Supplier Capabilities
7.3. Key Global Supplier Profiles and SWOT
7.4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
8. RFP Builder
8.1. RFP Builder
9. Covid Impact
9.1. Category Summary: COVID-19 Impact
9.2. Covid-19 Impact: Sourcing Location Watch
9.3. Covid-19 Impact: Industry Watch
9.4. Covid-19 Impact: Supplier Watch

  1. What valuation is anticipated for the global electrical design and engineering services market?

The global electrical design and engineering solution market is anticipated to develop at 3.28% CAGR and achieve USD 354.79 billion worth by 2030.


  1. Which are emerging nations in the international electrical engineering services industry?

North America, Western Europe, and Australia are some of the countries that contribute to the proliferation of the international electrical engineering services industry.


  1. What are the key segmentation factors for the electrical design and engineering market?

The key segmentation factors for the electrical design and engineering market comprise product type, application types, regions, end users, etc.


Electrical Design and Engineering Services Market Global Size:

ELINT Market Research’s electrical design and engineering procurement intelligence reports exhibit a global market size of $1.61 Trillion for the year 2023. This optimistic fact highlights the massive demand for electrical design and engineering systems in multiple industries like construction, transportation, energy, healthcare, etc. Further, the report projects robust and constant growth for this dynamic sector.

Market Definition:

Multiple businesses and industries execute designing and manufacturing processes for electrical systems and ensure distinct places like houses, offices, and factories can use electricity efficiently. Further, presently, manufacturers are also combining advanced technologies like AI and IoT to produce intelligent and renewable energy source-based electrical solutions to execute their manufacturing operations without harming the environment.

Electrical Design and Engineering Services Market Drivers:

  1. Technological Improvements –

The electrical design and engineering procurement market is developing due to the constant expansion of technologies like artificial intelligence, automation, machine learning, and IoT. These intelligent technologies require electrical design and engineering solutions to build efficient and reliable electrical infrastructure.


  1. Environmental Concerns –

As awareness for environmental safety is increasing, organizations are focusing on embracing those electrical design services that develop renewable energy systems. This way they are trying to reduce carbon emissions in the atmosphere; hence, it is another key driver for the electrical engineering sector.


  1. Growing Urbanization –

Continuous progress in urbanization caused the need for modernized electrical design and engineering procurement intelligence tools, which can massively help in building smart cities and transportation ways for people.

Electrical Design and Engineering Services Market Challenges:

  1. Budget Restrictions –

Electrical design and engineering services companies encounter key challenges due to rising cost coercion and budget limitations from their consumers. Thus, electrical engineering firms are forced to execute and deliver projects within tight funding along with holding profitability.


  1. Scarcity of Skilled Workers –

As the scarcity of skilled electrical engineers and professionals is advancing, businesses are facing difficulties in delivering projects on time. Hence, they are required to educate or train the existing workforce which increases overall cost.


  1. Compliance with Regulatory Standards –

Another major challenge that electrical engineering firms face is keeping adherence to complex regulatory standards across diverse sectors. Therefore, these companies needed to obtain legal permits first and then execute their projects.

Electrical Design and Engineering Services Procurement Market Opportunities:

  1. Rise in Electrical Infrastructure Projects –

Nowadays, worldwide businesses, governments, and private entities are investing in power generation projects, propelling significant opportunities for the electrical design and engineering services market.


  1. Popularity of Electric Vehicles –

Developing electrification trends compelled the generation of electric vehicles, which is a notable prospect for market players operating in the electrical design solutions market. Further, as EV vehicles require charging infrastructure, multiple electrical engineers are also getting employed.


  1. Digitization of Existing Electrical Solutions –

Various global businesses need to modernize and digitize their existing electrical infrastructure to be productive in the competitive electrical design and engineering services sector. With this strategy, they can lower losses and adapt the renewable energy sources integration.

Electrical Design and Engineering Services Market Segmentation:

  1. Different End User Industries –

The electrical design and engineering solutions industry served multiple end-user sectors like construction, transportation, medicine, power generation, etc. Each of these industries possesses distinct electrical engineering needs.


  1. Type of Services –

Electrical design and engineering procurement market intelligence companies provide different services like producing distribution systems, designing renewable energy sources, analysis of electrical systems, automation of operations, etc., which is a significant segmenting factor for the electrical engineering market.


  1. Size of Electrical Design Projects –

Different complexity levels and sizes of electrical design projects are other substantial segmenting factors, which include small-scale and large-scale construction and industrial projects.

High and Medium Maturity Regions in Electrical Design and Engineering Services Market:

Various levels of maturity regions are shaping the global electrical design & engineering services market. In this context, high-market maturity countries include North America, Western Europe, and Australia, which implies these domains are constantly adopting refined electrical infrastructure. On the other hand, medium-market maturity regions comprise India, China, Brazil, Chile, and Mexico, which signifies that these territories are regularly conducting development initiatives for electrical engineering infrastructures.

Sourcing Strategies in the Electrical Design and Engineering Services Market:

This electrical design and engineering procurement market research states some of the sourcing strategies that assist in project function and success. The first method is subcontracting EDE services to an EPC, which means consumers can assign the whole project execution scope to a single entity and facilitate the management processes.

Further, in the next subcontracting of EDE services to a specific third-party contractor method, clients can have direct control over their projects by selecting specialized third-party expertise. Moreover, the last approach is subcontracting EDE services to a specialized third-party firm by the GC, which allows an efficient link between electrical design and engineering services and other project components. Also, clients can leverage the contractor’s network of vendors and subcontractors.

Pricing Models in the Electrical Design and Engineering Services Market:

The electrical design industry’s pricing models help in deciding project costs; the foremost model is a lump sum, which allows service providers to collect a fixed payment at the beginning of the project as committed by consumers. The next key pricing approach is cost-reimbursable in which customers pay back service providers the negotiated charge plus the real expenses they spent.

Further, the percentage of project cost method decides the service provider’s settlement depending on general project success and used electrical design solutions. Moreover, the unit price model lets consumers pay money based on the amount of work completed by electrical engineering firms. Additionally, the last pricing method is hybrid, which gives a customized way to decide expenses depending on the distinctive requirements of each project.

Contract Models in Electrical Design and Engineering Procurement Intelligence Market Research Report:

ELINT Market Research’s research report showcases significant contract models of the electrical engineering market that help service providers and consumers foster their relationships. Thus, stakeholders can employ ad-hoc, short term and long-term agreements. In this context, the foremost contract method is a preferred relationship, which allows clients to hire electrical solutions providers for ongoing projects.

Further, the other contract is transactional projects that help consumers employ service providers for specific projects or assignments. This approach provides flexibility to clients to leverage specialized expertise without long-term promises. Besides, the discrete projects approach assists customers in contracting for only short-term projects, which include precise details about used resources and timelines.

Trending Technologies in the Electrical Design & Engineering Services Market:

The electrical design and engineering services sector flourishing day by day due to multiple trending technologies. The first one is MEP and BIM with 4D/5D abilities, which help electrical service providers represent building systems in comprehensive digital pictures, and help clients visualize things. Further, the emergence of smart devices in the electrical design engineering market helped multiple companies to upgrade their regular tasks like remote observations, tools supervision, energy optimization, and more.

Additionally, PV roof shingle technology helps in environmental safety by combining solar energy generation directly in electrical engineering systems and decreases dependency on conventional energy sources. Moreover, the other major evolution is cloud-sharing platforms that assist project stakeholders to efficiently collaborate and exchange details in real-time to make informed decisions. Further, the occurrence of solid-state lighting methods helped both service providers and clients to preserve operational costs by offering energy-efficient lighting solutions for long periods.

Key Outsourcing Destinations in the Electrical Design & Engineering Services Market:

Worldwide consumers depend on some of the key outsourcing destinations like India, China, Chile, and the Philippines to fulfill their electrical design and engineering procurement market intelligence needs. These notable countries comprise a vast count of engineers, architects, modern and advanced technologies, manufacturing ecosystems, etc. to help various other regions with outsourcing electrical design solutions.

Leading Suppliers in the Electrical Design and Engineering Services Market:

Some of the major suppliers of the vast electrical design and engineering services market include STANTEC​, Affiliated Engineers​, GHD​, Glumac​, Vanderweil Engineers​, Syska Hennessy Group​, ARUP​, AFRY​, BILFINGER TEBODIN​, SYSTRA​, ROYAL HASKONING​, Nippon Koei​, MEINHARDT GROUP​, CTCI Corp​, LNTECC​, IDOM​, AYESA​, MMR Group​, Técnicas Reunidas.

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