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Hydrogen Peroxide – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Hydrogen Peroxide Market – Market Analysis, Trade Dynamics, Market Monitoring Insights and Supplier Analysis

1. Market Analysis
1.1. Global Market Size: Hydrogen Peroxide
1.2. Global Demand Analysis
1.3. Global Demand by Application
2. Trade Dynamics
2.1. Global Trade Dynamics
2.2. Global Imports
2.3. Global Exports
3. Market Monitoring Insights and Supplier Analysis
3.1. Cost Drivers of Hydrogen Peroxide
3.2. Supplier Landscape – Hydrogen Peroxide – Global
3.3. Supplier List – Hydrogen Peroxide

FAQs Related to the Hydrogen Peroxide Market:

  1. How big will be the global hydrogen peroxide market?

The hydrogen peroxide sector is expected to reach $8.90 billion by 2031.


  1. Which is the biggest consumer industry of hydrogen peroxide?

The pulp and paper industry is the biggest consumer.


  1. Which is the leading region in the hydrogen peroxide market?

APAC is a leading region in the hydrogen peroxide market.


Hydrogen Peroxide Market Global Size:

Numerous end-user sectors, including clothing, electrical devices, healthcare, wastewater treatment, and mines, employ hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, ELINT Market Research predicted that throughout the forecast period of 2025, the rise of these industries is anticipated to support the growth of the global hydrogen peroxide market and build a $6.80 billion valuation. Furthermore, this procurement intelligence analysis calculated an optimistic $5.73 billion in 2022 for this industry. Moreover,  the hydrogen peroxide market is expected constantly rise because of its widespread uses in the pulp and paper sector. Hydrogen peroxide’s antibacterial capabilities are opening opportunities in the healthcare sector, which will fuel market expansion. Nevertheless is anticipated that the risks hydrogen peroxide poses to human health and the environment would impede the market’s consistent expansion. Still, the report projected that the wastewater management industry’s increased need for hydrogen peroxide will generate profitable maturation prospects for the hydrogen peroxide industry.


Additionally, the HPPO (Hydrogen Peroxide to Propylene Oxide) technology emerged in the international market in the last few years, which is influencing dynamics in the international hydrogen peroxide sector. Further, propylene oxide (PO) demands are anticipated to drive a surge in a CAGR of 5.5–6 percent until 2025; thus, technological advancements will continue to gain speed in the near future as it has emerged as an important economic driver. Moreover, two major players in the market including Solvay and Evonik possess the necessary technology for HPPO synthesis. These brands are constantly working hard and making calculated investments in the hydrogen peroxide market to take advantage of peroxide’s expanding needs and keep an edge over rivals. Their financial commitments indicate a change in direction toward cutting-edge manufacturing techniques that are in line with changing consumer choices and ecological concerns, establishing them as major participants in the hydrogen peroxide sector.

Market Definition:

Hydrogen peroxide is available in the market in a pale blue color when it is in a purified form. It can deteriorate in the atmosphere if comes in contact with oxygen and water in an exothermic reaction due to its susceptible nature. Further, this chemical compound is preserved in a mild acidic solution with a stabilizer because it can ignite when it comes into touch with organic compounds. Hence, due to its powerful oxidizing qualities, it is also employed as a bleaching substance in the paper and pulp industries. Also, peroxide is frequently used as a disinfectant to treat infections brought on by wounds or small cuts.

Hydrogen Peroxide Market Drivers:

  1. Increasing Requirements for Water Management –

Rising awareness among people to consume clean and protected water drives demands for hydrogen peroxide in the international market. These concerns heightened concentration on intelligent water management and purification moves. Thus, hydrogen peroxide has appeared as a crucial substance that assists handle wastewater from diverse sectors before its disposal. This chemical can terminate harmful toxins from water and balance pathogens. Several municipal firms in urban places are adopting hydrogen peroxide products to conduct decentralizing water treatment activities. Hence, these factors contribute to the growth in the global hydrogen peroxide procurement intelligence market.


  1. Expansion in Paper and Pulp Industry –

The paper and pulp market also emerged as a key end-user of hydrogen peroxide since the chemical operates in the form of a bleaching agent to manufacture mechanical, chemical, and sustainable pulps. Also, hydrogen peroxide can help in re-pulping the unused papers.

Hydrogen Peroxide Market Challenges:

  1. Extreme Treat to Human Health –

Exposure to hydrogen peroxide can cause threats to human health like the eyes, the respiratory system, and the skin because of its corrosive and oxidizing properties. It is a significant factor that restricts the hydrogen peroxide market development.  Therefore, hydrogen peroxide must be handled, stored, and diluted properly to reduce health hazards.


  1. Strict Governmental Rules –

Worldwide governments created strict guidelines concerning environmental safety. Thus, industrial corporations are required to improve their hydrogen peroxide production processes and try to reduce adverse emissions in the atmosphere. Further, the increasing accessibility of alternatives such as chlorine and ozone is also posing a challenge to market share.

Hydrogen Peroxide Market Opportunities:

  1. Rise of Food and Electronics Industries –

Market players are experiencing major opportunities due to the rising utilization of hydrogen peroxide in the international food and electronics domains. For instance, to preserve food quality hydrogen peroxide is used as a bleaching and antibacterial substance. Moreover, hydrogen peroxide chemicals that include extremely low organic carbon content help to clean electronic components.


  1. Advancements in HPPO –

HPPO is a convenient technology emerging in the market that helps manufacture propylene oxide. This innovation not only broadens the range of uses for hydrogen peroxide but also establishes it as a major participant in the shift to more environmentally friendly chemical reactions.

Hydrogen Peroxide Market Segmentation:

  1. Different Functions –

The primary functions of hydrogen peroxide include sterilizing, disinfecting, bleaching, oxidizing, and extraction.


  1. End-Use Sectors –

Prominent end-user sectors of hydrogen peroxide include paper, clothing, antibacterial chemicals, healthcare, water cleansing, personal hygiene items, home care goods, and food.

Regional Analysis of the Hydrogen Peroxide Market:

This report states that Asia-Pacific appeared as the dominant region in 2021 in the global hydrogen peroxide market by possessing the largest revenue stakes. Key factors that contribute to this proliferation in this nation include suitable environmental conditions, reduced production costs, and wide usage in key sectors like clothing, water handling, energy, chemicals, semiconductors, etc. Further, as chemicals are frequently used for enhancing shine and equilibrium, the pulp and paper sector dominates the hydrogen peroxide Asia Pacific market’s final consumption segment. Moreover, the adverse impact of the COVID-19 pandemic lowered growth dynamics in multiple countries because of lockdown situations, travel prohibitions, supply chain upheavals, and hasty shuts in organizations. Nonetheless, the growing demand for chemicals generated by the increasing utilization of hydrogen peroxide in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors has fueled the expansion of the hydrogen peroxide market in the Asia-Pacific province.

Key Suppliers in the Hydrogen Peroxide Market:

Pivotal suppliers of the worldwide hydrogen peroxide industry include Arkema​, Eka Chemicals Inc.​, Peroxy Chem​, Georgia-Pacific Corp​, MGC Pure Chemicals America Inc. (MPC)​, Evonik Industries​, Fujian Nanping Rongchang Chemical Co Ltd​, Guangdong Zhongcheng Chemicals​, Hebei Cangzhou Dahua Group Co Ltd​, Henan Zhongyuan, Dahua Group Co Ltd, Peroxides sro​, Oy Finnish Peroxides AB (Finnper)​, Hindustan Organic Chemicals Ltd (HOCL)​, Arbe Styrindo​, Electro Quimica Mexicana SA de CV (EQM)​, Peroksida Indonesia Pratama PT​, Samator Intiperoksida PT​, Negev Peroxide​, Kemira Chemicals BV​, Zaklady Azotowe Pulawy SA (ZAP)​, Jiangsu Yangnong Chemical Group​, Jiangxi Changjiu Biochemical Industry​, Jiangxi Electrochemical Co Ltd​, Jiangxi Jiangan Chemical Industry Co Ltd​, Jilin Shuangou Chemical Co Ltd​, Liuzhou Shengqiang Chemical​, Shandong Zhangqiu Riyue Chemical​, Zhejiang Longxin Chemical Co​, Asian Peroxides Ltd (APL)​, Gujarat Alkalies and Chemicals Ltd (GACL)​, National Peroxide Ltd​, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Co Inc (MGC)​, Shin Sanso Kagaku KK​, Nan Ya Plastics Corp​, SamYoung Pure Chemicals Co Ltd​, Hengtong Chemical Co​, Hengyang Kingboard Chemical Co Ltd​, Shanghai Yuanda Peroxide Co​, Suzhou MGC Suhua Peroxide Co​,

Atanor SA​.

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