Loyalty Programs - Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Procurement Market Intelligence Report

Loyalty Programs – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Loyalty Programs Market – Executive Summary, Market Analysis, Supplier Analysis, Procurement Best Practices, Sustainability, Talking Points to Business, Purchasing Process: RFP/RFI Builder, Market Monitoring Insights, Airmiles Market Overview, COVID Impact

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Executive Summary
1.2. Supply Market Outlook
1.3. Demand Market Outlook
1.4. ELINT’s Recommendation
1.5. COVID-19 Impact
2. Market Analysis
2.1. Global Loyalty Program Market Maturity
2.2. Global Loyalty Program Industry Trends
2.3. Growth Drivers and Constraints
2.4. Regional Market Outlook
2.5. Industry Outlook
2.6. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis: Developed, Emerging, and Global Markets
3. Supplier Analysis
3.1. Supplier List
3.2. Supplier Profiling
3.3. SWOT Analysis
4. Procurement Best Practices
4.1. Sourcing Models for Loyalty Program Services
4.2. Sourcing Models: Comparative Analysis
4.3. Sourcing Models: Pros and Cons
4.4. Sourcing Model Adoption
4.5. Pricing Models: Comparative Analysis
4.6. Key Services-based KPI and SLA Components
5. Sustainability
5.1. Sustainability Initiatives
5.2. Sustainability Best Practices: Case Studies
6. Talking Points to Business
6.1. New Technologies
6.2. Competitive Landscape
6.3. Innovative Sourcing Practices
7. Purchasing Process: RFP/RFI Builder
7.1. Supplier List
7.2. Supplier Profiling
7.3. SWOT Analysis
8. Market Monitoring Insights
8.1. Cost Structure
8.2. Cost-Saving Opportunities
8.3. Sourcing and Redemption Overview
8.4. TCO In-house Loyalty Setup
8.5. In-house Model Estimate
9. Airmiles Market Overview
9.1. Airmiles Market Share in the US
9.2. Total Miles Market Global vs. US
9.3. Noted Trends in Airmiles
10. COVID Impact
10.1. Sourcing Location Watch
10.2. Supplier Watch
10.3. Industry Watch

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