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Raisins – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Raisins Market – Category Definition, Cost Structure Analysis, Price Forecast, Cost-Saving Opportunities, Negotiation Levers, LCCS Analysis, Supply–Demand Trends, Global Trade Dynamics, Global Imports and Exports, Procurement-Centric Five Forces Analysis, Key Suppliers, Shortlisting Criteria for Recommendation, Market Share, RFP Builder, Innovation Updates, Technology Updates, Sustainability Initiatives, Regulatory Updates

1. Category Definition
1.1. Category Definition
2. Cost Structure Analysis
2.1. Cost Structure Analysis
3. Price Forecast
3.1. Price Forecast
4. Cost-Saving Opportunities
4.1. Cost-Saving Opportunities
5. Negotiation Levers
5.1. Negotiation Levers
6. LCCS Analysis
6.1. Trade Dynamics – Global
6.2. Trade Dynamics – Regional
7. Supply–Demand Trends
7.1. Supply–Demand Trends
8. Global Trade Dynamics
8.1. Global Trade Dynamics
9. Global Imports and Exports
9.1. Global Imports and Exports
10. Procurement-Centric Five Forces Analysis
10.1. Procurement-Centric Five Forces Analysis
11. Key Suppliers
11.1. Key Destinations
11.2. Factor Analysis
11.3. Overall Impact Analysis
12. Shortlisting Criteria for Recommendation
12.1. Shortlisting Criteria for Recommendation
13. Market Share
13.1. Trade Dynamics – Global
13.2. Trade Dynamics – Regional
14. RFP Builder
14.1. Company Profiles
14.2. Capability Information
15. Innovation Updates
15.1. Innovation Updates
16. Technology Updates
16.1. Technology Updates
17. Sustainability Initiatives
17.1. Sustainability Initiatives
18. Regulatory Updates
18.1. Regulatory Updates

FAQs Related to the Raisins Market: 

  1. What is the key growth driving factor for the raisins market?

Consumers’ need for cooking tasks like making sweets, bakery items, desserts, etc. are the major factors that increase demand in the raisins products market. 


  1. How to segment the international raisins market?

The segments of the global raisins market are based on geographic location, product types, natures, packaging types, and applications.


  1. What growth rate is anticipated for the raisins sector?

The raisins industry is expected to expand at a growth CAGR of 4.81% by 2032.



Raisins Market Global Size:

ELINT Market Research’s in-depth procurement intelligence study on the global raisins market calculated a size of USD 2.2 billion in 2022, which is projected to expand to USD 3.4 billion value by 2032 at a CAGR of 4.81%. Urbanization-related shifts in the dietary habits of people combined with a taste for new flavors fueling the raisins market’s expansion. Raisins mainly operate in the form of dried grapes. Further, the worldwide population’s busy lives are causing the need for ready-to-eat meals, dried-out, refrigerated, and nutritious snack food alternatives. This transition propelled development in the raisins sector since these products have the benefit of longer shelf life and a wide range of minerals and flavors. Therefore, customers can store raisins-based food items for an extended period and consume them whenever they want.


Moreover, the intelligence report states that the export activities of the renowned sultanate and dried grapes have been reduced in Turkey due to disputes in the Ukraine-Russia war. These obstacles pushed international economic troubles and extreme competition among diverse nations operating in the raisins market. Despite this fact, the forthcoming season of 2022-2023 was predicted to see a rise in raisin manufacturing, supported by higher yields in Turkey, China, and Iran.


Additionally, due to Russia–Ukraine conflicts, prominent raisin exporters encountered logistical difficulties, elevated production costs, and higher prices in 2023. It is anticipated that this will maintain prices above previous records. Also, the export market of raisins is predicted to be dominated by Middle Eastern countries, like Turkey and Iran after the US, South Africa, and Chile. Further, when it comes to the import dynamics of the dried grapes segment, Trinidad and Tobago hold the largest 57 percent stakes after European regions. Also, it is projected that worldwide raisin trade will rebound in 2022–2023 due to increased production and strong consumer requirements.

Market Definition:

The global raisins market primarily offers products in the form of dried grapes to the whole world, which is a convenient snack and coking component for consumers. Manufacturers make raisins by sun-drying or food dehydrator techniques. Also, the major competitors in the worldwide raisins industry are concentrating on new products, investments, and mergers to solidify their market positions and gain a large customer foundation. Additionally, raisins are also utilized in cuisines which is responsible for proliferation in the market. Also, raisins are versatile components that have qualities like high vitamins, fibers, minerals, antioxidants, and iron. Thus, they become a premium choice for people dealing with any kind of disease. 

Raisins Market Drivers:

  1. High Demands from Food Industry – 

Higher demands for raisins from the food and beverage industries are key growth drivers for the market. Raisins play a crucial role in the manufacturing of confectioneries, dessert dishes, brewing, and bakery items, which also fuels the need for dried grapes. Hence, as the food sector is growing the demand for the raisins market also rising.


  1. Expanding Urbanization – 

Rising urbanization, people’s lifestyle changes, and increasing disposable incomes additionally drive requirements for raisins. Thus, as consumer eating trends shift in favor of a more nutritious diet, the raisins sector has grown. In addition, exploration activities conducted by food businesses to build different flavors have resulted in a continuous modification of people’s eating habits and fuel raisins’ demands.  

Raisins Market Challenges:

  1. Alternatives to Raisins – 

Several food processing businesses also employ alternatives to raisins like dehydrated berries, trims, cranberries, cherries, apricots, pineapples, and others. This reason is expected to restrict revenue growth and demand for raisins and pose significant challenges for market players. 


  1. Strict Regulatory Standards – 

Import and export activities of raisin products are sometimes restricted due to rigid governmental standards. Hence, market players are required to keep track of and invest in governmental laws which elevates their operational expenses. 

Raisins Market Opportunities:

  1. Artificial Dehydration Techniques – 

Manufacturing of water-dipped raisins is becoming a new trend in the global raisins procurement intelligence market. These raisins are derived using pre-treatment operation where they are soaked in water before drying, which helps enhance the taste, texture, and plumpness of raisins. These new methods are emerging alternatives for traditional sun-dried or artificially dehydrated raisins systems. 


  1. Need for Nutricious Raisins – 

The creation of nutritional and supplemented raisins represents a further exciting potential in the worldwide raisins industry. These raisins provide vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to heal conscious people and are mainly sold in the form of healthy snacks in the market. 

Raisins Market Segmentation:

  1. Types of Raisins – 

Green, black, yellow, blue, and brown are major varieties of raisins. Consumers can eat them uncooked, boiled, roasted, or fermented. Thus, this segmentation helps market players to produce raisins professionally by drying picked grapes in different locations.


  1. Various Distribution Channels – 

Online and offline are two key distribution channels for raisins. People can visit offline channels like supermarkets, local shops, grocery stores, etc. to purchase raisins goods. Also, consumers can order raisins from online platforms. 

Key Procurement Intelligence Companies in the Global Rains Market:

Raisins has a very diversified market, which possesses key brand names that concentrate on their product’s overall pricing strategy depending on the state of the industry. The likelihood of intense competition in the market heightened due to the existence of robust suppliers including Tugrul Agriculture Inc.​, Sunrose Foods​, Traina Foods​, National Raisin Company​, Tugrul Agriculture Inc.​, Sunrose Foods​, Traina Foods​, National Raisin Company​, Sun Maid Growers Inc​, Dole Packaged Foods LLC, and Montagu Snacks​.

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