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Big Data Solutions Market – Executive Summary, Market Analysis, Industry Applications, Market Monitoring Insights, Supply Analysis, KPI’s, Purchasing Process: RFP/RFI Builder, Sustainability Initiatives and Best Practices, Covid Section

1. Executive Summary
1.1. Global Trend
1.2. Supply Market Outlook
1.3. Demand Market Outlook
1.4. Category Strategy Recommendation
1.5. Category Opportunities & Risk (CORA)
1.6. Negotiation Leverage
1.7. Talking Points
1.8. Impact of COVID-19
2. Market Analysis
2.1. Market Overview: Big Data Market
2.2. Market Trends: Big Data (Qualitative)
2.3. Market Trends: Big Data (Quantitative)
2.4. Big Data Drivers and Constraints
3. Industry Applications
3.1. Big Data: Industry Applications
4. Market Monitoring Insights
4.1. Big Data: Implementation Roadmap & Cost Structure
4.2. Cost-Saving Opportunities
5. Supply Analysis
5.1. Supply Market Outlook
5.2. Key Global Big Data Suppliers: Global Supplier List and Service Capabilities
5.3. Supplier Profiling & SWOT
5.4. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis: Big Data Industry
6. KPI’s
6.1. KPI Pointers to Measure Success of Big Data Deployment
7. Purchasing Process: RFP/RFI Builder
7.1. RFP Builder
8. Sustainability Initiatives and Best Practices
8.1. Sustainability Initiatives
8.2. Sustainability Best Practices – Case Studies
9. Covid Section
9.1. Category Summary: COVID Impact

According to ELINT Market Research’s report, what is the anticipated size of the big data solutions market?


According to the research report’s forecasts, the market is expected to reach an astounding $237 billion in size by 2022–2023.


What are the most influential factors fostering the growth of the big data solutions market?


Some factors propelling growth are the diversity of data sources, the progress of analytics technologies, and the growing demand for practical insights to support strategic decision-making.


Which segment maintained a higher revenue growth for the big data solutions procurement market?


The large company segment is expected to continue to consolidate its power, given its significant market share throughout this period.


Big Data Solutions Procurement Market Global Size


According to data from ELINT Market Research’s big data solutions procurement market research report, the big data solutions market is expected to grow in the ever-evolving world of technological advancements. This report shows that big data solutions are being used and integrated across various industries. The global size of the big data solutions procurement market is projected to reach an astounding $237 billion by 2022–2023. Solutions based on big data may result in more effective operations, data-driven choices, and valuable insights that stimulate competition and innovation within organizations. These advantages could explain the market’s substantial size.


More evidence of the big data solutions market’s promising future comes from the most recent strategic alliances formed by significant competitors. With its groundbreaking project to reimagine digital environments, Dentsu and VPON Big Data Group’s partnership in Thailand is leading the industry in using big data capabilities for transformative outcomes. Along these same lines, Finastra and Databricks’ partnership is critical to transforming the FinTech industry with cutting-edge AI and data solutions. A new stage of innovation and cooperation aimed at maximizing the potential of data-driven technologies to address challenging business problems and promote long-term development in the digital age has begun with establishing these strategic alliances.


Market Definition


Most notably, due to technological breakthroughs, contemporary industries are changing fundamentally. The disruptive force of big data solutions stands out among these developments, providing businesses with opportunities never before available to prosper in an increasingly data-dependent world. Big data solutions are transforming various industries, including manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and retail.


Big Data Solutions Procurement Market Drivers


  1. Growing Data Created: Growing rates of digitalization lead to growth in data creation, which is remarkably seen across industrial sectors, from manufacturing and health to finance and retail. Robust big data solutions help handle the deluge and analysis of large data streams.


  1. Demand for Data-Driven Decision Making: Businesses have woken up to a new reality: a process directed by data bound to give them an edge over others. Many big data solutions help businesses exploit data analytics to improve operations and revenue generation and aid in informed decision-making.


Big Data Solutions Procurement Market Challenges


  1. Rising Concerns about Data Security: It is challenging to protect businesses’ sensitive data from cyber-attacks and unauthorized access in compliance with regulations on data protection.


  1. Data Integration Complexity: Service providers need help with the consistency of the data between the various systems and platforms, assurance of the quality of the data, and handling of compatibility issues in the process of data integration.


Big Data Solutions Procurement Market Opportunities


  1. Emergence of Edge Computing: Edge Computing brings computation processes closer to the source of data, hence providing real-time insights at the edge of networks. In other words, this reduces latencies and enhances decision-making over multiple domains.


  1. Data Monetization Strategies: Strategies under which firms might be willing to think about how their data assets can create monetary value for them. Data-driven goods and services or insights could be made available to a firm’s partners, clients, and external suppliers by using data monetization techniques.


Big Data Solutions Procurement Market Segmentation


  1. Deployment Mode: Based on deployment type, the big data solutions procurement market research report divides the market into On-Premises and Cloud-Based.


  1. Solution Type: As per solution type, the big data solutions procurement market research report segments the market into Data Visualization, Data Management, Data Analytics, Data Integration, and Advanced Analytics.


  1. Organization Size: Based on organization type, the big data solutions procurement intelligence market research report divides the market into Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Large Enterprises.


  1. Vertical: According to verticals, the big data solutions procurement market research report classifies the market into Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI), Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, and Government and Public Sector.


Regional Outlook of the Big Data Solutions Procurement Market


Tech hubs such as Silicon Valley and Seattle contribute to a dynamic, investment- and innovation-driven environment in North America for big data analytics and solutions. It is further facilitated by the heavyweights within the industry, including IBM, Microsoft, and a few others. Meanwhile, Big Data Solutions is widespread throughout Latin America, especially in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. The widespread business is driven by increasing internet penetration and growing digitization initiatives, even with infrastructural barriers.


On the flip side, the big data solutions market in Europe is recognized by pioneers, including the UK, Germany, and France, and long-term and new competitors follow all in the market. Furthermore, data protection remains to be disciplined by strict laws that give accountability and a trust environment where investments in compliant data management systems are encouraged. In addition to the communication partner, Asia Pacific has a significant share of the population and other digital transformation initiatives, accompanied by increasingly advanced e-commerce rapid development, with the country’s urbanization forming the trio with way too huge of a development possibility.


Cost Component in the Big Data Solutions Procurement Market


Hardware, software licensing, maintenance, and implementation services are just a few of the many costs associated with the Big Data Solutions Market. Businesses evaluate these factors to decide whether it is feasible to implement these solutions. Hardware expenses comprise servers, networking hardware, storage devices, and other items necessary for data processing. Big Data platforms and analytics tools are included in software licensing fees. Implementing services within the current IT infrastructure includes deployment, modification, and integration.


Deployment Model in the Big Data Solutions Procurement Market


Businesses that use big data solutions can choose between on-premises or cloud-based deployment options. Control, customization, and compliance are provided by on-premise deployment; however, it entails a high initial cost and ongoing maintenance. By utilizing external infrastructure, cloud deployment offers cost-effectiveness, scalability, and flexibility. Data sensitivity and scalability requirements are two factors that affect the decision between on-premise and cloud computing. Cloud-based systems provide two advantages: quicker deployment times and improved integration with external systems.


Engagement Strategies in the Big Data Solutions Procurement Market


Building long-lasting relationships with clients requires the use of effective engagement strategies. Emphasizing important details and customizing solutions to meet demands are essential. Building trust and easing worries is possible using case studies and thought leadership. Pre-sales services like pilot programs and demos help customers assess products. After the sale, involvement through coaching and assistance promotes satisfaction and loyalty.


Contract Period in the Big Data Solutions Procurement Market


The length of contracts varies in the big data solutions market based on the client’s needs and the solution’s complexity. Regular software licensing involves annual maintenance fees and long-term contracts. With subscription-based models, contract durations are shortened, and flexibility is offered. Renegotiation, termination, and renewal are all permitted under specific contract clauses. The vendor and client’s cooperation in utilizing Big Data solutions is contingent upon the duration of the contract.


Pricing Models in the Big Data Solutions Procurement Market


The big data solutions market offers a variety of price models to strike a balance between price and value. Annual maintenance fees are in addition to the initial one-time license fee for a perpetual license. Recurring payments are permitted for access through subscription-based agreements. Cost that changes based on resource consumption and usage. Prices are broken down into numerous categories based on features and usage restrictions. Value-based pricing establishes a link between expenses and expected returns on investment.


Negotiation Factors in the Big Data Solutions Procurement Market


Many important factors are dependent upon negotiation in the big data solutions industry. Volume discounts and long-term commitments are necessary to achieve price conversations that balance affordability with profitability. To provide openness and flexibility during terms and conditions negotiations, licensing, support, maintenance, and upgrade agreements are the main discussion topics. Negotiating service-level agreements is primarily about ensuring acceptable levels of support and responsiveness.


Leading Players in the Big Data Solutions Procurement Market


Some top big data solutions market players include business intelligence, predictive and prescriptive analytics, Hadoop-based analytics, visualization and discovery, stream computing, data warehousing, NoSQL database access, information integration and governance, data lakes, and data mining. These companies are leaders in their field because they consistently offer excellent services and are committed to research and development.

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