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Group Purchasing Organization – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

MRO Group Purchasing Organization Market – Category Definition, Cost Structure Analysis, Price Forecast, Cost Saving Opportunities, Negotiation Levers, LCCS Analysis, Global Trade Dynamics, Global Imports and Export, Procurement-Centric Five Forces Analysis, Key Suppliers, RFP Builder, Sustainability, Innovation Updates, Technology Updates

1. Category Definition
1.1. Types of GPOs
1.2. Key Models of GPO
2. Cost Structure Analysis
2.1. Key Cost Components
2.2. Comparison of GPO vs. Distributor
3. Price Forecast
3.1. Key Levers
3.2. Future Trend
3.3. Impact on Buyer
4. Cost Saving Opportunities
4.1. Key Factors
4.2. Overall Impact Analysis
5. Negotiation Levers
5.1. Key Trends
5.2. Based on MRO Classification
6. LCCS Analysis
6.1. LCCS Regions Analysis
6.2. Based on key MRO Products
7. Global Trade Dynamics
7.1. Regional Trade Dynamics
8. Global Imports and Export
8.1. Key LCCS Region-wise Import and Export
9. Procurement-Centric Five Forces Analysis
9.1. Porter’s Analysis with GPO Model
10. Key Suppliers
10.1. Key GPO Suppliers
11. RFP Builder
11.1. RFP Builder for GPO
12. Sustainability
12.1. Sustainability for MRO GPO
13. Innovation Updates
13.1. Innovation Trends in MRO
14. Technology Updates
14.1. Technology Trends in MRO

FAQs Related to the Group Purchasing Organization Market:

  1. What are the primary delivery methods available in the international group purchasing organization market?

Digital and physical are two primary delivery methods that help deliver products to consumers.


  1. What are the leading countries in the global group purchasing organization industry?

Regions that operate as dominants in the global group purchasing organization market include North America, Europe, APAC, the Middle East, and Latin America.


  1. What is the future forecast for the global group purchasing organization market?

The global group purchasing organization industry anticipated to reach USD 135.25 billion by 2030


Group Purchasing Organization Market Global Size:

The group buying movements have grown increasingly prevalent, due to consumers searching for discounts and businesses aiming to boost sales volume. Thus, the global group buying organizations market has evolved and reached USD 105.96 billion in 2023 with the advent of social networking and digital outlets that enable creative and innovative interactions between buyers and vendors. This forecast was executed by ELINT’s procurement intelligence study which also depicts a USD 135.25 billion worth at an extending CAGR of 5.96% from 2024 to 2030. Companies stand to gain from cooperative purchasing strategies because this trend suggests that consumers are becoming more interested in purchasing power in groups.


Furthermore, the concept of economies of scale, which enables the purchase of products or services in larger numbers at a reduced cost per unit, forms the basic foundation for the group buying industry. By pooling the requirements of multiple buyers into one purchase, group buying allows participants to benefit from large savings, exclusive deals, or wholesale price contracts negotiated by the website or organization. Moreover, these cooperative systems often employ a range of strategies to incentivize participation, such as limited-time offers, pricing structures based on group size, or recommendation rewards for attracting new members.


Additionally, the ELINT Market Research illustrates the regional dynamics of the group purchasing sector. According to that, China tops the list, in terms of trade of some key MRO spare parts, such as bearings, pipes valve fittings. GPOs can look to leverage this and plan sourcing strategies, based on a LCCS approach. Further, multiple nations have emerged as low-cost regions in this market. For instance, Mexico is considered an affordable region from a North American perspective, which is at a trade deficit, concerning key parts. Brazil is known as a low-cost region from a South American perspective, which is at a trade deficit for key parts.

Additionally, when it comes to trade surplus with respect to key components Poland and China occurred as low-cost nations. Also, South Africa and India appeared to hold trade deficiency.

Market Definition:

Group buying, also known as bulk purchasing is an emerging strategy that allows several consumers to collectively utilize their purchasing authority to bargain their favorable terms, prices, and discounts with suppliers. Also, with the help of social media, digital, and official communities, individuals and organizations typically create groups to negotiate cheaper rates or gain access to special discounts that usually aren’t available to individual consumers. Moreover, over the last five years, as the economy has improved, there has been a surge needed for group purchase organizations services from a variety of industries, such as the manufacturing and hospitality sectors.

Group Purchasing Organization Market Drivers:

  1. Expanding E-Commerce Sector –

Growth in e-commerce and online shopping is the biggest driving factor for the global group purchasing organization procurement intelligence market. The popularity of connected devices has raised affordability to obtain internet services among people which propelled businesses to capitalize on this trend by providing goods to customers with offers and group purchasing.


  1. Rise in Disposable Incomes –

Worldwide consumer spending growth is one of the main factors propelling the group purchasing market. People’s financial resources are rising because of economic proliferation. This factor is particularly relevant for individuals with fewer assets, as they can increase their savings by taking the benefits of group buying discounts. Consequently, companies can make a profit from this trend.

Group Purchasing Organization Market Challenges:

  1. Competitive Environment –

Since other sectors provide comparable goods and services to the international group buying economy, there is a constant rivalry between them. Hence, businesses in this intense rivalry industry have been compelled to provide higher-quality services at more affordable costs to stay ahead in the market.


  1. Challenges to Attract New Customers –

Attracting new consumers is difficult in the global growth purchasing organization industry because of extreme competition in the market. Due to the tiny audience and the tendency of consumers to be more devoted to well-known brands, it is challenging for new companies to enter the sector. Furthermore, the costly nature of customer acquisition limits businesses’ capacity to bring on fresh customers.

Group Purchasing Organization Market Opportunities:

  1. Selling Products at Discounted Costs –

Companies allow their clients to get goods and services at a lower cost when they buy in bulk because of the group’s combined purchasing power. The practice of offering expense breaks has become more popular in current years as increasing numbers of companies use this kind of advertising.


  1. Rise in Digitization –

The growth of digitalization and rising internet usage are driving the worldwide growth of the buying industry. Online platforms are now more easily available to use and widely accepted, which has increased the number of consumers who desire to purchase digitally. Companies can contact a larger count of potential clients and provide more competitive rates.

Group Purchasing Organization Market Segmentation:

  1. Types of Buying –

Major types of group buying moves include online and offline buying. Further, the Groupon-style buying method allows clients to receive discounts for purchasing goods in large quantities. These types help companies foster interpersonal trust, social connection, and collaboration.


  1. End Users –

Prominent end-user sectors of the group purchasing organization industry include retail, e-commerce, food services, travel, and more.

Key Suppliers in the Group Purchasing Organization Market:

Prominent global group purchasing organization market procurement intelligence companies include DSSI​, CenterPoint Group​, Covest​, National Purchasing Partners​, Una​ , etc.

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