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FAQs Related to the Industrial Washing Machines Market:

  1. What valuation is predicted for the global industrial washing machines market?

The industrial washing machine market is expected to reach USD 132.09 billion by 2031.


  1. Which country emerged as dominant in the washing machine market?

APAC emerged as the dominant region.


  1. What are the key trends in industrial washing machines?

The introduction of fully automatic, IoT-based, and remote control feature-based washing machines are key trend in the market.


Industrial Washing Machines Market Global Size:

ELINT Market Research predicted a higher level of growth for the global industrial washing machines market, particularly in the pharmaceutical applications and clinical segment, due to the worldwide increased number of hospitals with a rising number of surgeries. Thus, a market size of $4175 million was calculated for pharmaceutical washing machines in 2023 as per this procurement intelligence study. Also, the report anticipated an optimistic growth CAGR of 10.2 percent from 2022 to 2028, and a valuation of $ 6,800 million until the forecasted period.


Therefore, the analysis states that as the healthcare industry and the need for surgical operations will rise, the demand for strict hygienic guidelines and effective cleaning techniques become more important, which propel the industrial washing machine market. These washing machine devices are made focusing on pharmaceutical sector requirements and are quite different from normal household washing machines. Also, the machines contain handy cleaning and sterilization qualities which are essential for patients’ safety. Consequently, given the healthcare sector’s continued emphasis on cutting-edge cleaning methods, producers and suppliers in this industry must anticipate strong potential.


Moreover, key developing countries like North America and Europe are projected to acquire the largest revenue share in the industrial washing machine market since strict laws and rigorous reimbursement guidelines have sparked advancements in the medical field. Also, in these nations, primary factors such as constantly rising awareness about hygiene and sanitation, governmental initiatives, and cutting-edge healthcare infrastructures contribute to the evolution of the industrial washers market.

Market Definition:

Industrial washing machines comprise varied capabilities and functionalities than regular household washing devices since they are mainly employed for the cleaning of diverse medical & lab equipment, clothes, and other susceptible items. These devices are designed with convenient features so that they can adapt to medical and laboratory environments. For example, attributes like the ability to withstand high temperatures during washing, specific laundry detergent, and accurate control mechanisms. Additionally, a few of the most utilized types of industrial washing machines include disinfector washers, ultrasonic cleaners, continuous batch washers, cabinet scrubbers, and more.

Industrial Washing Machines Market Drivers:

  1. Rising Urbanization –

One of the major factors driving growth in the global industrial washing machines for the pharmaceutical market is day-by-day rising urbanization. As people are moving from rural places to urban places they demand automated and convenient laundry solutions due to their incapability of conventional hand washing because of their busy lifestyles. Furthermore, expansion in people’s disposable incomes and transforming living standards are also key drivers for the washing machine market.


  1. Evolving Healthcare Infrastructure –

Another primary reason for the growth in the global industrial washing machines procurement intelligence market is the constantly evolving infrastructures in the healthcare industry. Multiple countries are investing in extending and updating their medicinal facilities which drives requirements for state-of-the-art cleaning and sterilization devices. Also, premises dedicated to medication manufacturing, hospitals, and laboratories are constructing to meet the growing healthcare requirements of the elderly population and the rise in chronic illness. Modern industrial washers are required to foster this development and to maintain the highest levels of security and cleanliness in pharmaceutical settings.

Industrial Washing Machines Market Challenges:

  1. Increasing Usage of Disposable Medical Devices –

Augmenting utilization of disposable medical devices that do not require any kind of sterilization or disinfection is a significant challenge that occurs in the global medical washer/disinfector market. Such apparatus are generally considered as single-use devices that are disposed of after use and do not need sterilization; thus lessening the requirement for disinfectors and washers. On the bright side, these disposable items are beneficial to ensure patient safety but affect industrial washer market growth.


  1. Elevated Prices of Industrial Washing Machines –

Even though industrial washing machines are advantageous devices for maintaining a hygienic atmosphere in hospitals and clinics, they are considered expensive. This affordability barrier poses challenges for certain small and medium-level healthcare centers because of their budget restrictions. Furthermore, consumers may be discouraged from purchasing modern industrial washers or switching to more sophisticated models due to the high expense of repairs and upkeep.

Industrial Washing Machines Market Opportunities:

  1. Emergence of Technological Advancements –

Increasing environmental concerns propelled demands for technological advancements in industrial washing devices, which are also environmentally sustainable. These intelligent washers with innovative attributes such as energy preservation, water saving, and savvy connectivity. Also, technological refinements enable manufacturing companies to produce washers with remote control features so that people can monitor operations via smartphones and even optimize wash cycles.


  1. Increasing Rural Washing Machine Economies

Various worldwide rural economies are emerging in the global washing machine market which usually have limited access to washers. This factor opens up a considerable opportunity for market players to grow as they can build inexpensive, robust, and easy-to-maintain machines that fulfill the personalized requirements of consumers and drive sales. Additionally, by concentrating on rural markets, companies can increase worldwide sales of washing machines and reach unexplored demographics.

Industrial Washing Machines Market Segmentation:

  1. Types of Washing Machines –

ELINT’s procurement intelligence tools reveal three major types of industrial washing machines. The first one is a fully automatic machine that includes front and top load spaces and does not require any human intervention after the start of the washing cycle. Further, semi-automatic and dryers are two other key categories of washers available in the pharmaceutical industry.


  1. End User Sectors –

Key end-user industries for industrial washing machines include pharmaceutical, food, beverages, manufacturing, textile, aerospace, automobile, and more.

Regional Analysis of the Industrial Washing Machines:

Asia Pacific emerged as the dominant country in 2021 in the washing machine industry which held more than 40% of total revenue. China’s market largely contributed to this revenue. Further, the key factors that drove development in the region include the rise in small and medium-sized industries and, the increasing need for fully automated washers and washers with intelligent features. Besides that, provinces like Vietnam, India, and Indonesia are also assisted in increasing demands throughout the APAC.

Key Suppliers in the Industrial Washing Machines Market:

Leading companies operating in the global industrial washing machine market include Steris, Belimed​, Getinge​,  Belimed AG​, Fedegari Group​, Getinge Group​, Girton​, and Hamo Cleaning Technology​.

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