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Turnaround Maintenance Services – Procurement Best Practices & Sourcing Strategies

Turnaround Maintenance Services Market – Category Definition, Cost Structure Analysis, Price Forecast, Cost Saving Opportunities, Negotiation Levers, Procurement-Centric Five Forces Analysis, Key Suppliers, Shortlisting Criteria for Recommendation, RFP Builder, Innovation Updates, Technology Updates, Sustainability Initiatives

1. Category Definition
1.1. Category Definition and Key Summary
2. Cost Structure Analysis
2.1. Cost Structure Analysis
3. Price Forecast
3.1. Price Forecast
4. Cost Saving Opportunities
4.1. Key Cost-Saving Opportunities
5. Negotiation Levers
5.1. Negotiation Levers
5.2. Contract Model
6. Procurement-Centric Five Forces Analysis
6.1. Porters Five Forces Analysis
7. Key Suppliers
7.1. Key Suppliers List
8. Shortlisting Criteria for Recommendation
8.1. Key Shortlisting Criteria
9. RFP Builder
9.1. RFP builder
10. Innovation Updates
10.1. Key Innovation Updates
11. Technology Updates
11.1. Technology Updates
12. Sustainability Initiatives
12.1. Sustainability Initiatives

FAQs Related to the Turnaround Maintenance Services Market:

  1. How to segment the global turnaround maintenance services market geographically?

Geographically, the global turnaround maintenance services market can segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, and South America.


  1. What is the key trend in the turnaround maintenance services market?

Various technological advances and customized turnaround maintenance services are emerging trends.


  1. In which upcoming year, the turnaround maintenance solutions sector is expected to touch new heights?

The turnaround solutions market is expected to flourish by 2029.


Turnaround Maintenance Services Market Global Size:

Turnaround services are a combination of a variety of maintenance, enhancement, and alteration tasks together which can assist increase the production effectiveness of any plant, industrial system, or piece of machinery. The current global turnaround services market is big and constantly expanding. For instance, in 2022, the market size of US$ 490.25 Mn is evaluated by this procurement intelligence analysis. Also, the expected valuation is US$ 607.06 Mn by 2029, at a robust CAGR of around 3.1%. Furthermore, worldwide organizations employ turnaround solutions to maintain their equipment functionalities, increase productivity, and guarantee protection. Thus, industrial factories must undergo routine maintenance and renovation moves since the turnaround services sector is growing due to the progress of industrialization and the deterioration of assets.


Moreover, the need for facility security as well as environmental preservation is also increased by laws and norms in several nations and territories, which is fueling the market’s expansion for recovery services. Also, offshore exploration and production activities have been extended to diverse sectors that demand maintenance solutions. The primary stages of the oil and gas sector’s operations involve seeking, investigating, drilling, and collection. Offshore oil and gas exploration projects have surged in response to the growing need for energy and fuel supply. Maintenance components are crucial for the refinery’s service and supervision to be carried out safely and continuously.


Additionally, international refineries are concentrating on increasing the equipment’s asset dependability in order to reduce operating costs. It is crucial to sustain and perform appropriate upkeep and repair of the refinery components due to rigorous environmental ordinances and guidelines that regulate dangerous emissions and the discharge of fluid contaminants. Thus, the necessity to increase infrastructure and operational productivity is one of the factors driving the turnaround maintenance tools market’s expansion.

Market Definition:

An industrial process machine must be temporarily closed down as part of repair turnaround operations. Vendors operating in this industry provide services that encourage continuous and uninterrupted manufacturing activity and lower the danger of unexpected downtime or disastrous breakdowns. These services include builders and industrial service firms. On the flip side, the buyers and the companies that purchase these services include petrochemical processing units, oil manufacturers, generators of natural gas, generators of electricity, steel manufacturers, and controllers of pulp and paper mills.


Turnaround Maintenance Services Market Drivers:

  1. Increasing Needs for Maintaining Asset’s Integrity –

Major worldwide industries like oil, energy, chemicals, and electricity production seek to develop and expand over time to avoid unanticipated downtime and expensive malfunctions, which necessitate ongoing maintenance and prompt repairs of equipment. This requirement caused massive growth in the global turnaround maintenance services procurement intelligence market. Also, the increased complexity of industrial methods and supplies accentuates the requirement for specialist turnaround upkeep solutions.


  1. Emergence of Regulatory Standards –

Another significant reason for the growth in the global turnaround maintenance services market is the emergence of regulatory standards to protect human worker safety. Manufacturing companies are required to follow these standards which in turn contributes to the demands of turnaround maintenance solutions. Thus, companies can improve the effectiveness of their machines with maintenance solutions.

Turnaround Maintenance Services Market Challenges:

  1. Ensuring Complete Maintenance and Repairs –

Turnaround events are usually arranged during planned interruptions when it is necessary to do important maintenance operations quickly to prevent expensive delays.


  1. Lack of Workforce –

Hiring and keeping competent workers is difficult in the turnaround maintenance sector due to a lack of workers and expertise gaps, especially for specialized jobs and in distant provinces.

Turnaround Maintenance Services Market Opportunites:

  1. Technological Innovations –

The growing use of digitization and cutting-edge technologies to improve machine performance and maintenance procedures drive great opportunities in the turnaround maintenance services industry. International industries are continuously investing in such digital solutions including asset tracking, scheduled upkeep, data analytics tools, etc. to increase the usefulness of turnaround repairs. Hence, the timely identification of prospective problems and equipment losses is made possible by predictive maintenance.


  1. Tailored Turnaround Maintenance Services –

Presently, market players are delivering tailored turnaround maintenance services spending on particular demands of diverse sectors and industries. For instance, petrochemicals, refineries, power plants, and medicine sectors have distinct industrial facilities and require tailored maintenance assistance to effectively handle turnaround events, which pose growth prospects for the maintenance solutions market.


Turnaround Maintenance Services Market Segmentation:

  1. Types of Turnaround Maintenance Services –

The three major service types of turnaround maintenance solutions market include inspection, maintenance, and repair.


  1. Key Applications –

Prominent applications and end users of the global turnaround maintenance services industry include oil, gas, renewable goods, marine, energy generation, infrastructures, manufacturing, and more.

Types of Services/Solutions in the Turnaround Maintenance Services Market:

The report illustrates significant services and solution types for the global turnaround maintenance services market which assist in the smooth operation of industrial facilities. The foremost service is asset integrity and inspections that comprise some key evaluation measures for equipment which include corrosion prevention methods like cathodic, hydro testing, hazard and risk assessment, intelligent reporting, predictive maintenance, etc. These measures help check and maintain the reliability and safety of devices. Likewise, another service type is civil maintenance which includes evaluation factors like inspection, testing, cleaning, gangways, winches and ladders, corrosion resistance, refractory, insulation, degassing, scaffolding, waste management, and structural repairs.


Furthermore, the next service type is mechanical maintenance which constitutes key aspects such as loading arms, cranes, lifts, cables, cleaning, bolting, piping, coupling, oil checks, structural rehabilitation, fire management systems, rotary equipment, valves, fittings, and flushing. Lastly, the electrical systems and instrumentation maintenance factor include examining lighting & communication, switches, junction boxes, emergency power equipment

Metering, ESD, and other control systems.


Besides these maintenance services, some additional solutions that help organizations maintain the productivity and reliability of their machinery include engaging with established two or more contractors for risk mitigation, making contracts that provide 100% labor support for maintenance activities, adopting medium-term contracts to increase the order volume, shifting the strategy towards the total maintenance model shall ensure supply cost optimization, identifying clear scope for executing successful turnaround activities, entering into bulk volume contracts that would help in negotiations.


Key Suppliers in the Turnaround Maintenance Services Market:

Prominent entities in the worldwide turnaround maintenance services procurement market that are funding recent advancements, novel product introductions, collaborations, mergers, or acquisitions encompass Stork​, Jacobs​, Worley​, Wood Plc​, and Bilfinger​.

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